Program Overview

Moms are different.  How? For starters, your weight gain was different than a typical weight gain situation - so it makes sense that your weight loss & wellness program should be different too. Second, your journey is more than just weight loss. As a mom, you must restore your health from the inside out. Tapping into your muscles to restore your core and pelvic floor is exactly why Bodies After Baby was first created.  However, strengthening your core is only the start. Your mombody also craves attention to nutrient repletion, skin elasticity, alignment, breathing, blood sugar balancing, hydration, detox, meditation, and mental rewiring and this is exactly what you will uncover in our three programs: restore, rebuild, rebalance.  Finally... postpartum is forever. Focusing on getting your “body back” no longer serves you. Instead, lean into motherhood and embrace the healthier, stronger, more vibrant, most beautiful version of the new you and depending on what part of postpartum you are in, we have you covered with three different programs.

Any age, Any stage - we’ve got you covered.

Your momlife just got so much easier because now you have a plan.  Now, you have Bodies After Baby.

Your momtribe awaits.  


Level 1, Gentle

If you spend most of your time in pajamas, maternity clothes and nursing bras then this is the program for you.  Restore was designed for new moms cleared for exercise. You already know that birth takes a major toll on your body.  This is the time to nourish your body with healing foods, use gentle targeted exercise, and rest your body as much as possible.  Your recovery will be much faster & much smoother if you do. You may notice your core needs some help. Both outside and in. Don’t worry because there are some things that need to be restored to their original function first - when you reconnect to your deep inner core muscles you are both healing and strengthening your newly postpartum body at the same time, a bonus. If you go too fast, you risk injuring yourself.  Remember the story of the tortoise & the hare? This is the time to embrace being a tortoise. That girl wins the race every time. It’s called pacing. Pace yourself. Be smarter than the hare even if you are dying to go faster.


Level 2, Advanced

If there is an enormous amount of kid foods like mac and cheese, apple slices, and ranch dressing in your life right now then you are definitely in the throws of motherhood.  Rebuild is the program for you! This one is KING because you are rebuilding your life around the Bodies After Baby lifestyle. Think of this one as a road map designed for modern moms that need to organize their health goals around raising a family.  These moms want to “lose the baby weight”, or understand that maybe it’s middle age that keeps them from having that slim waistline. Whatever the reason we have the best health & wellness strategies mapped out for you that will blow the lid off what you know about losing weight. This program makes sense for your mom body because...again, postpartum is forever.  You still need those deep inner core muscles to activate, but now it’s at momspeed pace. Above all, get ready to dive deep into fat loss like it’s nobody’s business. You never knew your mom body could look & feel this good.


Level 3, Pro

Rebalance is designed for my Bodies After Baby PROS.  You understand the BAB lifestyle & philosophy on inside and outside beauty.  You no longer stress about diet and nutrition because you have found a rhythm that works for you & your family.  You are in tune with your body. And you know it because strange things have happened. Your core is strong, functional, and sexy.  You enjoy food because you intuitively know what your body needs. You love exercise because your body craves movement. All kinds. And it gives you energy.  You relax more now than you ever have. The best part is: you have fallen in love with your mom body and it’s so easy to be healthy.  Now, it’s time to rebalance your priorities since your health is in order.  Because now you understand that there is more to happiness than your body’s physical health - you crave more.  It’s time to take it to the next level. Mind, body and spirit - we’re coming for you.