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Best Exercises for your Postpartum Core

I am NOT a workout snob.  I love it all and will try anything at least once. Admittedly, I grew up playing a multitude of sports so my all-time favorite activities are done outside. But, that’s not to say I can’t appreciate the convenience of a gym (it’s called childcare!), or enjoy the energy of a group fitness class. Over many years, and many different activities, I’ve noticed that rarely is a workout all-encompassing.  I love certain workouts for certain reasons.  Here’s what I mean:

I love what Daily Method classes do for my alignment and flexibility.

I love what Tracy Anderson does for my arms.

I love what Pure Barre does for my bum.

I love a good Stroller Strides class for the camaraderie.

I love what yoga does for that whole tapping-into-the-universe and being-a-part-of-something -greater-than-ourselves thing.

I love that playing tennis for an hour and a half feels like ten minutes.  Don’t you love a workout that doesn’t feel anything like a workout?!

I love what running does for my mind.

I love what snowboarding does for my...everything?...ok, wait I found one. But even I can’t ignore that my jeans are tighter in the thighs after a full season of shredding on the mountain. Strong thighs are great but I don’t want to buy new pants.

But, notice anything missing from this list? My core, right? I don’t know how many times I have walked away from an exercise class or sport feeling exhilarated but wishing my postpartum core had been addressed more thoroughly. No one wants to go home and workout after they’ve just worked out, know what I mean?

The BAB program is proven to give you a strong, functional core again after pregnancy. This method works because it engages your postpartum core in a way that I found all other exercises were missing. I never liked (or thought much about) my core before pregnancy but it is always on my mind after pregnancy.  There is only so much that flowy tops can hide, know what I mean?   

The thing I’m most proud of in creating the Bodies After Baby (BAB) workout series is that every single movement radiates from your core. The program reconditions your postpartum core from the "inside out" by tapping into the deep abdominal wall (transverse abdominus), pelvic floor, and multifidus (muscles in the spinal column). Because of the focus on the BAB breath, you’ll be able to tap into these deep core muscles, hitting them from all angles, which helps you build an exceedingly strong core and a gorgeous, balanced body.   

I am so grateful my core is back, and stronger than before. Am I saying it’s perfect? Absolutely not.  I’ve had three kids and I’m 42 years old, for crying out loud.  BUT, my waistline is smaller. AND, my belly button is almost back to its original shape and size.  My diastasis recti is closed and my pelvic floor is in check. And mostly, I’m so thrilled to be pain-free, injury-free and leak-free that “perfect” is just an afterthought. Now, I can honestly say:

I love what the BAB workout does for my core!