Skin and Water

Michigan people never age. I mean it. I've lived in Colorado for 19 years and every summer I go back home to visit my family in Michigan where everyone's face stays frozen in time. I've seen it with my own two eyes, so it must be true:) Both of my grandmas lived into their nineties and even the last few times we visited I noticed how smooth their skin was, and virtually no sun spots - trust me, these ladies weren't wearing sunscreen, drinking bottled water, eating organic, or getting laser treatments at the spa. So what was their secret? 

Two things that I can think of that matter A TON in this process of aging, besides being extremely happy and stress-free: 1. The sun. In Michigan, the sun is mostly tucked behind a cloudy overcast sky. (I know these types of rays can still cause skin damage but do not begin to tell me these rays are more harmful than the bright, blasting, sunshiny days of Colorado). For example, the first summer I lived in Colorado I went rafting and was warned to sun-screen everything, which I did, but as a rookie I forgot to include my lips - that night, I woke up with fourteen cold sores that were so huge and swollen I was too embarrassed to leave my apartment for 2 days. True story. Now that never happened to me in all my Michigan summers! And 2. It's hella humid in Michigan. So much, that wet towels will take days to dry outside - mind as well just throw them in the dryer. 

This combination of cloudy and wet makes for one effective skin care advantage. Being from Michigan I love the humidity. I love it for my hair, my sinuses, my sleep, and just feeling a little plumper in general - like a grape vs. a raisin.   

So, long story short - keep your skin humidified if you live in a dry climate. It's just one more tool in your bag to help your skin look and feel its best for as long as you can.

The other day on goop I saw Gwyneth advertising a room humidifier for $119.  It's looks awesome. But, I also don't think many people can afford one.  So I wanted to share the one I use for $34.99 - and I love it.  And the best part is, I received two faulty machines that needed to be returned and their customer service is insanely good. I am happy to promote a company that stands by their word and actually answers the phone when you call them.  I've had the same Crane Cube for over a year now and it works like a dream.    

Never tried the Vitruvi on the left, but the Crane Cube on the right is an outstanding product. Sleep well, my friends.