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Hi, I’m Amy Sosville and I’m pretty much obsessed with postpartum health & wellness.  I love to hunt down the latest research, sift through the goods; and then, organize it in a way that makes sense for my modern moms.  The Bodies After Baby programs map out your specific mombody needs in one practical, doable, momlife, momboss kind-of-way. It is absolutely my delight to make sure your mombody is being taken care of properly!

Let me tell you how this whole Bodies After Baby thing got started...

Like most moms, I fell into the trap.  I’m talking about the “losing-the-baby-weight” trap.  After my first pregnancy, I started running again. Doing cardio. Doing crunches. You know, doing anything to get my “heart rate up & burn calories” to lose that baby weight.  I did all of that with pee running down my leg and lower back pain! I learned very quickly that my body had changed. My old routine for weight loss no longer applied to my new mombody.

When I shared my running discomfort with my friends, I realized, they too had the same pee-problems. Even more interesting, my mom’s girlfriends (aka - the grandmothers of the world) also tell me about their pee-problems. And shoulder pain. And knee pain. And lower back pain. You name it! So now I’m the girl that everyone is talking to about their mombody woes and it’s starting to take on a life of its own. But what could I do to help…

Well, seeing this pretty unfortunate (and scary!) pattern was motivation enough for me to change it. I learned two very important lessons from my crossover to motherhood... 1) Your mom body does NOT heal by ignoring the problems and 2) It most certainly isn’t healing with age.

Which begs the question...

Are we missing something in the world of health and wellness when it comes to a mother’s body? Is there a better way to take care of yourself after pregnancy? Is there a better way to take care of your mombody later in motherhood so you aren’t dealing with these postpartum issues forever?  Does our postpartum core need different exercises to preserve our abdominal wall and pelvic floor?

The answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! That is how my obsession with postpartum health & wellness began and that is why I created these programs. I believe that Bodies After Baby is the answer for long-term health and wellness. It’s time to ask for more from this industry than just weight loss. Honestly, there’s a better way to approach your weight loss that actually makes sense for your mombody. I’ve been my own guinea pig for two more pregnancies and recoveries and I’m so excited to share my findings with you.  What a difference it will make in your long-term mombody health.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you!

Do you even know how badass you are? Moms are like the CEO of their family. Let’s face it, your family is like a company and you are running it like a momboss. These people love you and depend on you for everything. You run the ship. You are really important.

Do you know what the greatest thought leaders in the world would tell important people like you? They would say, take care of your health first. It’s the only thing that will keep this ship running. When you take charge of your health & wellness you become a happier person and a happier mom.  BAB provides the tools you need to be a better mom. Better programs, better moms.

If your mombody health matters to you, then you’ve come to the right place.  And I am so happy you are here!

Let the inside-out transformation begin!


P.S. Want to learn a little more about me and my Bodies After Baby philosophy? Check out this podcast