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Each week we will be discussing a topic that teaches more about the BIG PICTURE in your mombody health and wellness journey. Sure, we care about rebuilding a beautiful mombody through diet and exercise but we REALLY care about a mombody that feels amazing for the rest of your life. And we know a few tricks to get you there. This week we start with the Bodies After Baby Breath because it is absolutely the beginning of your wellness journey. Let’s relearn how to correctly breath so we can help heal a diastasis recti (goodbye mompooch), strengthen and release your pelvic floor (goodbye leaky bladder and pelvic pain), calm down your nervous system (goodbye stress-case), reshape that slim waistline (hello, gorgeous), and bring this practice into our everyday momlife for the better. Your mombody loves you just as much as you love it - starting now.

Oh, one more thing. Watch your kids breathe - they are your best teacher. In and out. Back and forth. Expand like a balloon on the inhale, and contract on the exhale. They know exactly how to breathe correctly because they haven’t picked up any bad habits yet. Or they haven’t been trained by society to suck it in!