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Momlife is pretty stressful. We love to multi-task. We love to over-schedule ourselves. We especially love not asking for help. We can do it all! We can have it all! Right?! Turns out, your rocking mombody is being sabotaged by stress.

But, let’s explore ways to help our mombodies get out of “flight or fight” mode. Once you start paying attention to this familiar feeling of stress, you realize that so much of life is MADE UP stress. It’s not real.

Don’t be fooled, stress is NOT something you need to be more productive.

Our mombrains need rest. Our mombodies need rest. And we will uncover new strategies for REST each week.

One more thing, we will be fasting throughout the program.

Why? Because fasting gives your mombody digestion a “rest”. Here’s what it looks like:



Monday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted cardio)

Tuesday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted cardio) BAB HIIT workout

Wednesday - STRONG DAY (No fasting) BAB Strength Training

Thursday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted CARVE) BAB corework

Friday - STRONG DAY (No fasting) BAB Strength Training

Saturday - REST

Sunday - REST

***stop eating around 7-8:00 PM after dinner and eat again 11-12:00ish AM the next day on SLIM DAYS***