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What are the best ways to move your mombody? Turns out, it’s pretty simple. Your mombody needs moderate exercise mixed in with strength training, foam rolling and some days of rest to top it all off. Everything you need to MOVE your mombody will be laid out for you here.

Goodbye are the days of killing yourself at the gym with minimal results.

I know some of my moms seriously doubt this. Some moms, no matter what, will continue to kill themselves at the gym or on the mountain (hey, some days I’m guilty of it too-a great sweat sesh is pretty addictive after all!). So I’m going to teach you the BAB technique that preserves your mombody core & pelvic floor no matter what you are throwing at it.

Our mombodies are different once we have children. Specifically, our mombody core is different once it’s been stretched and strained and torn and pulled apart in the name of birthing children.

Throughout your postpartum years it is entirely possible to have a leaky bladder, a mompooch, a muffin top, lower back pain, an abdominal separation, pelvic pain, tight shoulders, etc. And if you are one of the lucky ones that never dealt with any of the above, then it’s also fair to say that these issues can unfortunately rear their ugly heads again in menopause because it turns out 1) it’s hormonal and 2) most exercise we do in real life is NOT doing any favors for our mombody core.

BUT. All of that changes here. You are going to learn exactly what to do to protect your core. Release tension from your mombody core. Bring length back to your core. These things matter for the long-term health of your mombody.

The BAB techniques are proven to help your mombody core look and feel amazing for the rest of your life. Plus, who doesn’t love a gorgeous, slim waistline? It truly makes a woman more confident in her skin. I see it all the time.

And don’t worry, we will have you back at Orange Theory and Pure Barre in no time. The BAB technique is completely transferable to your exercise of choice. Imagine how awesome it will be to jump without leaking. You’ll see.


Monday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted CARDIO) BAB HIIT workout

Tuesday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted CARDIO) BAB HIIT workout

Wednesday - STRONG DAY (No fasting) BAB Strength Training

Thursday - SLIM DAY (Slim, fasted CARVE) BAB corework

Friday - STRONG DAY (No fasting) BAB Strength Training

Saturday - REST

Sunday - REST


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